Visit Umbria and Tuscany in Scooter

Toop Vespa rents Piaggio Vespa scooters for people who wish to discover the countryside and the hills of Tuscany and Umbria onto the icon of Italian style..
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Enjoy the Tuscan countryside

The new Vespa comes with a wicker exterior basket, a removable cooler bag and a jacquard rug fixed for a break with a panoramic Tuscan view.
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Goditi la campagna con una E-bike

Scopri le bellezze naturali della campagna Toscana in sella ad una bici elettrica e trascorri una giornata tra la natura e splendidi panorami.
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Traveling through hills , between breathtaking landscapes

Travels in freedom and in style aboard the Italian icon like the Vespa Piaggio among the treasures, and the art cities of Tuscany and Umbria.
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Who we Are

Born from the Preludio group which rents items for the events , Toop Vespa is the arm of the company which do the hire of scooter We know that the scooter is the best way to enjoy the treasures and landscapes of Tuscany and Umbria, it is ideal way to see the beauty that remain outside the classic routes.

With Our Vespa and our electric bike you can visit freely beautiful places because you will be helped by the map that you will be provided at time of rental. Contact us to book the Vespa and if you want you can request the service of pick-up and drop-off and you will find your scooter in hotel at your arrival

Our Vespa

A timeless classic: Vespa Primavera 50. An iconic symbol of its times, the Vespa Primavera zips through twenty-first century streets with the same agility and dynamism today as the original legend that revolutionized urban mobility during the Swinging Sixties.

No picnic is complete without the right basket, and the Vespa Pic Nic comes with a wicker exterior basket contains a removable cooler bag and a water-resistant jacquard rug fixed in front and rear chrome luggage rack.

The Vespa Pic Nic is elegant on the outside and brimming with technology on the inside that makes every trip an absolute pleasure. There’s no better example of this than the wonderfully silent Euro 5 i-get engine, designed to deliver agile performance, parsimonious fuel consumption and reduced vibrations. It all adds up to a smooth, comfortable and noise-free riding experience.

On request we can also prepare your picnic basket

The Vespa Sprint 125 is the most sporty and the most dynamic scooter of the moment . It reflects the heritage of the fastest Vespa.

Equipped with headlights with LED elements, single-cylinder 125 cc engine with 4 valves, analog-digital instrumentation and braking system ABS is an ideal way to get around the city combining style and sportiness

Our E-bikes

Pedal-assisted bicycles are able to save cyclists the fatigue of the inevitable climbs that they have to face during a bike ride in the wonderful landscapes of Tuscany and Umbria.

Toop Vespa's E-MTBs for hire from Bottecchia are the perfect e-bike for those looking for a motorized mountain bike. They have an aluminum frame with a 500 Wh battery perfectly integrated into the frame and a compact design similar to a normal mtb.

Ape Calessino

Are you looking for a cool way to enjoy the beauty of the Tuscan landscape? Do you want to surprise the guests who will attend to your wedding ? We have the perfect solution for your request!

Ape Calessino pays homage to the history of a unique vehicle and offers a uniquely exclusive concept of mobility for the most stylish places. It symbolises a lifestyle and embodies an elegant, exclusive minimalism that escapes today's frenetic rhythms to rediscover the value of places, people and friendship To drive Ape Calessino you need of driving license B.

Satellite Navigation

At the delivery of our vehicles you will receive free a useful map of the area.
However if you are traveling on roads that you do not know and you could be afraid of getting lost.
At the delivery of our vehicles you will receive free a useful map of the area.

However if you are traveling on roads that you do not know and you afraid of losing you. We can rent you a sat nav TomTom, a leader in GPS navigation, with updated maps to ensure that you always travel in the right direction.

Price and Condition

Additional days
Vespa Sprint 125 ABS
€ 60,00
€ 110,00
€ 155,00
€ 200,00
€ 240,00
€ 280,00
€ 320,00
€ 45,00
Vespa PicNic Limited Edition
€ 120,00
€ 240,00
€ 360,00
€ 480,00
€ 600,00
€ 720,00
€ 840,00
Ape Calessino 200 HL
€ 150,00
€ 300,00
€ 450,00
€ 600,00
€ 750,00
€ 900,00
€ 1050,00
€ 35,00
€ 70,00
€ 105,00
€ 140,00
€ 175,00
€ 210,00
€ 245,00

Take-away picnic

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Pic Nic menu:

It is possible to have a vegetarian, vegan or gluten free menu

We will give you a cool bag with the menu and also dishes, glasses placemat and napkins

The cool bag and the all materials for the picnic will must be given back at the moment of your return with the Vespa

The price of pic nic is € 40,00 per person

If you want with extra cost we will be able to give you different types of wine, champagne or drinks

For more information please write us

Hire Conditions

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The rental company Preludio Group Srl Unip. With headquarters in Via I Maggio n. 39 / p Cortona CF / P.Iva 02098050517 (the lessee) rents to the customer (the customer) vehicles in accordance with these General Terms of Hire forming an integral part of the Rental Agreement


Vehicles are rented only to people over the age of 18 years.

Vehicles can only be driven by you or another driver explicitly stated in document taking over. The driver must hold a valid driving license for the entitlement to drive the rented vehicle type.

It is 'expressly , prohibited the driving of vehicles from people different of the customer or by the persons indicated in the takeover document than the customer or by the persons indicated in the takeover document


The reservation of the vehicles can be made through email or telephone.

When booking the vehicle, the customer must provide a copy of the driving license and identity card/ passport.

The Customer agrees not to provide false documents and / or untrue information assume all liability arising from the breach of this clause.


The vehicles are delivered at the headquarters of the Company "Preludio Group Srl Unip" where will also be returned at the date and time agreed. The company is able to do a delivery and pick up service to the customer. It will be calculated from time to time and communicated to the customer.

The vehicles are delivered in good storage and operating conditions.

The customer must check the condition of the rented vehicle and must do this in writing any comments on the state of the body or mechanical.

It is expressly forbidden to return the vehicle during the closing time of the company and in any case the vehicle must be delivered into the hands of a charge unless agreed with company. In the event of late delivery of more than 50 minutes respect the agreed time, Customer shall pay a penalty equal to one day of rental.

The vehicle must be returned with all accessories, keys and existing documents to the consignment by the lessee. Otherwise, the customer have to pay the following penalties.

Description Debit Penality
Missing “Glasses Vespa” Euro 30,00 Euro 15,00
Missing Crash Helmet Euro 150,00 Euro 15,00
Police penality Cost of police penality Euro 60,00
Missing gasolina restocking Missing Litres € 1,85/l Euro 15,00
Missing motorway toll Motorway toll price Euro 20,00
Missing payment of parcking ticket Price of parcking Euro 20,00

The Company is authorized to retain the amount deposited by the Client as security. In the event of early termination of the rental period by choice of the customer, or not for necessity, fault or the request of the company or technical failure of the vehicle are not attributable to the Customer will not be possible for the same to obtain a refund of part of the fee of the remaining period of non-use of the vehicle. The Customer undertakes to inform the company , upon return of the vehicle, any fines taken during the rental period.


The rental price is calculated according to the rates in force. At the time of taking over the customer will authorize the Preludio Group Ltd to "lock" on your credit card (will not be accepted of rechargeable credit cards), as a deposit, € 2,500.00 (two thousand five hundred) for Vespa Sprint car 125. The missing -payment of the deposit will result in the rental contract for reasons attributable to the Customer and will authorize the lessee to retain 20% of the amount already paid for the payment of rent as penalty. Customer shall pay or reimburse the lessee, upon its request, the amount


The customer will always directly liable towards the lessee in case of theft and / or fire of the rented vehicle and for all damages caused and / or suffered to / from the rented vehicle during the rental period, even if caused by theft and / or accident and in case of loss of accessories, keys and vehicle documents.

In these cases, the responsibility of the Client is conventionally limited to an amount equal to the sum deposited by way of security, provided that:

The damage caused to the vehicle will be quantified to return from rental and verified with the original spare parts price list Piaggio and the bodywork behind budget at the confidence car repairer’s of the lessee The amount of the damages will be deducted from the credit card supplied at the time of the withdrawal of the vehicle.


Into the extent permitted by law, the lessee shall not be responsible, and the Client renounces for himself and his heirs or assigns to advance any claims against them, for any damage suffered by the Customer or third parties arising from ' use of the rented vehicle, or for loss or damage to property owned by the customer left in the vehicle or damage or inconvenience resulting from delay in delivery, from failures or any other causes beyond the control of the lessee.


The customer agrees to keep and use the vehicle with care and in particular shall not allow the vehicle to be used:

E 'absolutely forbidden to rent to third parties of the vehicle in any form. The Customer is obliged to use all anti-theft devices of which is provided with the vehicle whenever this is parked and abandoned, although in closed and secured areas


The hired vehicles are insured for third party liability according to the provisions of current legislation.

The R.C.A. policy It is not working in the case of damage caused by the driver of the vehicle rented by intent or gross negligence.

Customer agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the lessor against all claims and for each damage in excess and not recompressed in insurance coverage of R.C.A. policy which declares to have read him when entering into these Terms.


The Customer undertakes to inform the lessee any accident within 1 hour of its occurrence.

The Customer shall, in the event of theft, damage, and if necessary, make appropriate complaint with the Competent Authority. Copy of the complaint must be immediately transmitted to the lessee.

It will be the responsibility of the customer fill out the appropriate documentation for the claim.


The lessor reserves the right to terminate the contract and take back the vehicle at any time, at your expense, if:


The Customer undertakes, in the event of immobilisation of the vehicle due to mechanical failure or damage to the vehicle, to turn to garages and / or authorized dealers.

In the case where the detention or failure is not attributable to the customer, he will have the right to replace, where possible, of the vehicle.

In case of impossibility of replacing the vehicle in the agreed period of rental, the customer will be entitled to use, having regard to an existing contract, signed by the lessee, of a period of free rent equal to the remaining period.

It excludes compensation of further damage.

Booking your Vespa

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Where we are

Toop Vespa very near to Cortona, a city of art on the border between Tuscany and Umbria.

Guests arriving by car should leave the Autostrada del Sole (A1) at Valdichiana (coming from both north and south) and take the E45 towards Perugia and exit at Castiglione del Lago where you have to go out and turn right. After 2 km you will find directions to our office on the right.

Train passengers can easily reach us on foot as it is less than 1 km from Terontola Train Station